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Trailer Park

The 2022 Trailer Park will be open Monday August 29 – Monday September 5.

Campers who prepaid for their lot(s) in 2019 will retain their lot(s) for this year. There is no need to contact us in this case.

Campers who did not prepay in 2019 must submit payment by no later than June 30, 2022, or must otherwise confirm in writing to that they are attending.

If payment or confirmation is not received by the deadline you may lose your lot(s).

The waiting list will be processed after the June 30th deadline. If you are on the waiting list and a lot becomes available, you will be contacted either by email or by the phone number provided to us. If you believe that you were placed on the waiting list in 2017 or later, and your contact information needs to be updated, please contact John at

We look forward to seeing our campers as we celebrate our 150th fair in 2022!