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Parking is available on the grounds at the North Gate or at Reid St.-Gate 2, at a cost of $10.00 per vehicle. Upon entering the fairgrounds, you will be asked by the attendant to pay both for your parking and for admission for your party to enter the Kinmount Fair.

Parking along Reid St. is strictly prohibited.

Map of the Kinmount Fairgrounds

Parking Tips

  • A limited number of on-ground parking spots are available, so the earlier you arrive, the better!
  • Several private home/business owners offer parking, for a fee, along the 503. These private lots are not affiliated with the Kinmount Agricultural Society.
  • On Saturday, traffic through Kinmount will be stopped for approximately 30 minutes for our annual Warrior’s Day Parade. The roads will be closed by 12:00 noon, so make sure you arrive well before this time to ensure you can get a spot to watch the parade!