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Rules and Regulations for Livestock Classes

General Rules and Regulations for all Exhibitor Classes

  1. None but members of the Kinmount Agricultural Society (the Society) will be allowed to compete for prizes.
    1. New for 2022: Exhibitors must purchase a membership in the Society in order to enter in any Exhibit Hall, Livestock or Horse Classes.
    2. The membership fee for 2022 shall be $12.00.
  2. All animals and articles must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor.
  3. The judges shall have the power to decide whether the animal or article is worthy of a prize. Where there is little or no competition, the judges are to decide what prizes are warranted, if any, but cannot change entries from one class to another.
  4. Exhibitors showing only in Parade Classes must ensure that the Fair Board Secretary has a record of your name and address.
  5. The Society will not be responsible for any accident on the track or the grounds.
  6. No person shall be allowed to interfere with the judges.
  7. If any dispute occurs, the Treasurer will hold prize money until such dispute is settled.
  8. No prizes will be paid out on the day of the show.
  9. All exhibits are shown at owner’s risk against loss or damage.
  10. No exhibitor or spectator shall be allowed to show disrespect or use abusive language to any official. Violators may be removed from the fair grounds.
  11. Prize winners are requested to send a list of prizes claimed to the Secretary by no later than September 27.
  12. A percentage only of prize money will be paid if directors consider the receipts insufficient to pay in full.
  13. The Society reserves the right to interpret its own Rules and Regulations. Should any dispute or question arise not provided for in these rules and regulations, the decision of the Board of Directors will be final.
  14. Parties violating any of these rules will be subject to expulsion from the Society and forfeit all prizes they may be entitled to.

Rules and Regulations for all Livestock Classes

  1. Livestock exhibits must be on the grounds by 8:30 a.m. of the second day of the exhibition, the Saturday before Labour Day. No animal may be removed without special permission until close of show. This rule does not apply to the Saddle Horse Show, held on Friday.
  2. Only entries in livestock classes may compete for more than one prize.
  3. Exhibitors of thoroughbred animals shall produce pedigrees to the satisfaction of judges or they will not be entitled to a prize.
  4. Calves to be judged according to age. Sheep must be unloaded.
  5. All animals exhibited must have a suitable halter. Animals not under control shall not be allowed to compete.
  6. Limit two entries per section per membership for all saddle horses.

Entries can be made online at by Thursday August 25th.