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Updated for 2019

Guidelines for all Horticulture Divison Classes

Following are some guidelines suggested for entries in Class 40 of the Horticultural Division. These guidelines are taken from the “Ontario Judging Standards,” published by the Ontario Horticultural Association and/or the Garden Clubs of Ontario in co-operation with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, which is available for purchase at a moderate price. This booklet provides you with everything necessary for successful entry in competitions in Classes 38, 39 and 40.

Preparation of Entries

  1. List or mark on the following schedule, the plants you have grown that are or will be, at the proper stage for exhibiting, including the “any other” categories.
  2. Cut flowers and foliage the evening before the show or in the early morning, selecting specimens of quality.
  3. Preparing Materials for Hardening
    1. Remove lower foliage cleanly. Upper foliage must be attached unless otherwise stated.
    2. Specimen blooms must be disbudded. In fact, good exhibitors will often disbud weeks before the show.
    3. Make a fresh slanting cut at the end of the stems, for maximum water intake.
    4. Place in a wide bucket in deep warm water, preferably overnight.
    5. Store in a cool, dark, humid, draft-free place.
  4. Conditioning It is well known that some cut flowers, foliage and woody materials do not readily absorb water, and require further treatment prior to hardening, to prevent wilting during the show.
    1. Flowering branches generally benefit from splitting the cut ends, although some require removal of the thick outer layer as well.
    2. Some cut flowers (e.g. poppies) benefit from burning the stem ends, while others benefit from placing stem ends in boiling water or from chemicals in the water. Details are available in floral books.
  5. Preparation of Specimens for Showing
    1. removal of dust, stains, pollen and any other foreign material.
    2. re-cut stem ends before placing in show containers.
  6. Some Cautions
    1. a bud showing colour is considered a bloom, which upsets the bloom count
    2. only self-foliage is permitted to be attached, unless otherwise stated in the schedule
    3. wiring, oiling, spraying and artificial colouring is prohibited in the Horticultural Division
  7. Placing Entries
    1. Exhibitors are responsible for placing entries in proper classes
    2. Show directors can assist exhibitors to avoid errors in placing entries and ensure they qualify within the limits prescribed in the schedule
  8. Guidelines and Terminology
    1. Uniformity – specimens in an entry of a given cultivar should be as uniform as possible in size, form, and colour. When several cultivars are involved, they may vary in size and colour, but should be at a uniform stage of development.
    2. Form – should be characteristic of the cultivar. Thin shallow blooms, or distorted or immature blooms, are not of exhibition quality.
    3. Size and Colour – according to the cultivar
    4. Substance – freshness and turgidity are evidence of good substance and lasting quality
    5. Stem and Foliage – the stem should be of good proportion, sufficiently strong and stiff to support the bloom, but not coarse. Only attached self-foliage is permitted, unless otherwise stated.
    6. Condition and Grooming – entries should be at the proper stage of maturity, turgid and free of mechanical injury, insects, disease, and spray blemishes. Flowers and foliage should display evidence of good culture and grooming.

All exhibits must be grown by exhibitor

Class Links

Class 38F: Fruits
Class 38V: Vegetables
Class 39: Crazy or Large Vegetables
Class 40: Cut Flowers
Class 40A: Arrangements
Class 40B: Potted Plants

Class 38F – Fruits

1. Any fruit not listed, named5.004.003.00
2. 4 apples, AOV, named5.004.003.00
3. 4 apples, crabapple, AV, named
4. 4 apples, red-skinned, AV, named5.004.003.00
5. Display of fruits, artistically displayed in an appropriate 8.00 6.00 5.00
6. 2 bunches grapes, AV, named
7. 2 watermelons, AV, named5.004.003.00
8. 2 cantaloupes, AV, named
9. 2 honeydew melons, AV, named5.004.003.00
10. 2 citrons5.004.003.00
11. 4 pears, AV, named
12. 4 plums, AV, named
13. Display of Melons, 2 of each, 3 varieties10.008.006.00

Section 13 sponsored by Neil and Kathleen Sims

Class 38V – Vegetables

1. Any vegetable not listed, named
2. 4 beets, cylinder5.004.003.00
3. 4 beets, table
4. 2 heads of broccoli
5. 1 stalk of Brussel sprouts8.006.005.00
6. 2 white cabbage, named5.004.003.00
7. 2 red cabbage, named
8. 4 carrots, long, red, 1” stem5.004.003.00
9. 4 carrots, short, red, 1” stem
10. 2 cauliflower5.004.003.00
11. 2 bunches of celery5.004.003.00
12. 4 ears of corn, 1/3 husk silk removed, AV named
13. 4 cucumbers, pickling5.004.003.00
14. 4 cucumbers, table5.004.003.00
15. Display of garden produce, homegrown, displayed in an appropriate container15.0012.0010.00
16. Collection of a variety of 4 dried herbs, artistically displayed6.005.004.00
17. 4 different fresh herbs, artistic showing6.005.004.00
18. Garlic braid, 12” to 14” long, AV6.005.004.00
19. 5 garlic bulbs5.004.003.00
20. 4 onions, Dutch sets, 1” stems5.004.003.00
21. 4 onions, Spanish, 1” stems
22. 4 onions, Red, 1” stems5.004.003.00
23. 4 leeks, tops trimmed5.004.003.00
24. 4 parsnips, 1” stems5.004.003.00
25. 4 peppers, hot, stems on5.004.003.00
26. 4 peppers, sweet, stems on5.004.003.00
27. 6 potatoes, red, named6.005.004.00
28. 6 potatoes, white, named
29. 6 potatoes, Yukon Gold6.005.004.00
30. 1 pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, stem on5.004.003.00
31. 2 pumpkins, pie-type, stem on5.004.003.00
32. 2 squash, butternut, stem on5.004.003.00
33. 2 squash, green Hubbard, stem on
34. 2 squash, golden Hubbard, stem on
35. 2 squash, green Buttercup, stem on5.004.003.00
36. 2 squash, golden Buttercup, stem on5.004.003.00
37. 2 squash, pepper, stem on
38. 2 squash, spaghetti, stem on5.004.003.00
39. 2 squash, zucchini, table size, stem on5.004.003.00
40. 2 squash, summer, AOV named5.004.003.00
41. 2 squash, AOV, named, stem on5.004.003.00
42. 12 cherry tomatoes, red, stems on5.004.003.00
43. 4 tomatoes, green, stems on5.004.003.00
44. 4 tomatoes, ripe, stems on5.004.003.00
45. 4 tomatoes, plum, ripe, stems on5.004.003.00
46. Tomatoes, ripe 3L basket, stems on5.004.003.00
47. 2 Swede turnips, yellow
48. 2 Summer turnips, white flesh5.004.003.00
49. 4 fresh beans, AV5.004.003.00
50. Collection of gourds, min 6, max 1 displayed in
appropriate container
51. One root of horseradish5.004.003.00
52. Chinese vegetables, AV, named5.004.003.00
53. Display of leaf greens5.004.003.00

Class 38F and 38V Special – $20.00
Most points earned in these classes by one exhibitor

Class 39 – Crazy or Large Vegetables

1. Weirdest tomato4.003.002.00
2. Siamese twin vegetable, grown above ground4.003.002.00
3. Alphabet bean, natural shape4.003.002.00
4. Homeliest potato4.003.002.00
5. Cutest cucumber4.003.002.00
6. Craziest carrot
7. Longest carrot4.003.002.00
8. Longest bean4.003.002.00
9. Longest cucumber4.003.002.00
10. Longest zucchini4.003.002.00
11. Heaviest potato4.003.002.00
12. Heaviest tomato4.003.002.00
13. Heaviest onion4.003.002.00
14. Heaviest zucchini4.003.002.00
15. Largest beet (girth measurement)
16. Largest pumpkin (girth measurement)
17. Largest beet, length4.003.002.00

Note: We do not have facilities for moving heavy pumpkins.

Class 39 Special: $20.00
Most points earned by one exhibitor in Class 39

Class 40 – Cut Flowers

1. Aster, 5 blooms5.004.003.00
2. Petunia, single large, larger than 2”, 3 sprays
3. Petunia, double, 3 sprays5.004.003.00
4. Snapdragon, 4 stems5.004.003.00
5. Cosmos, 7 sprays5.004.003.00
6. Rudebeckia, 5 blooms5.004.003.00
7. Annual, min of 5 different varieties, named5.004.003.00
8. Perennial, min of 4 different varieties, named5.004.003.00
9. Pansies, bowl of pansies5.004.003.00
10. Henchera (Coral Bell), AV with 3 leaves5.004.003.00
11. Cleome, 3 stems5.004.003.00
12. Marigold, 6 small blooms, 2” and smaller5.004.003.00
13. Marigold, 6 large blooms, larger than 2”
14. Zinnia, 6 large blooms, larger than 2”
15. Gladioli, 1 stem, dark colour5.004.003.00
16. Gladioli, 1 stem, any colour5.004.003.00
17. Gladioli, 3 stems, various colours5.004.003.00
18. Gladioli, 1 stem white or pastel5.004.003.00
19. Phlox, 3 stems5.004.003.00
20. Echinacea (cone flower) 5 blooms5.004.003.00
21. Rose, any colour, AV, 1
22. Sunflowers, AV, 3 blooms5.004.003.00
23. Sunflowers, 2 mature heads, under 8” only5.004.003.00
24. Sunflowers, 2 mature heads, over 8”
25. Dahlias, 1 large, AV5.004.003.00
26. Dahlias, 3 small, AV, mixed colours5.004.003.00
27. Lily, 1 spike, AV5.004.003.00
28. Sedum, 3 stems, non-hybrid (Green Stem)
29. Sedum, 3 stems, hybrid (Red Stem)
30. Any other annual not mentioned above, 3 stems5.004.003.00
31. Any other perennial, not mentioned above,
3 stems bush or plant
32. Perennial Chrysanthemum5.004.003.00
33. Hosta Leaves, 5 stems (named) NEW5.004.003.00
34. Begonia (Tuberous), 1 bloom, Floating (max. 8" container) NEW5.004.003.00

Class 40A – Arrangements

1. “Sanctuary” suitable for use in place of worship,
not to exceed 12” in any direction. Any season.
2. “Sunny Morn” an arrangement using predominantly yellow.
3. “A New Beginning” An arrangement including baby’s breath
to welcome New Baby. A toy may be used.
4. “Paddy’s Choice” an arrangement in green and/or variegated
foliage using driftwood
5. “Gentle Breeze” arrangement using assorted ornamental
grasses. Not to exceed 15” in any direction
6. “Memories of Summer” an arrangement for the dining room
table or buffet. Not to exceed 12”
7. “Country Garden” bouquet in a canning jar6.005.004.00
8. “From the kitchen windowsill” a kitchen arrangement in
one kitchen utensil
9. “Light and Lovely” an arrangement using Queen’s Anne Lace6.005.004.00
10. “Gracefully Simple” An arrangement using roses and foliage6.005.004.00
11. “O Canada” an arrangement in a basket using maple leaves
and other natural materials (not garden flowers) not to exceed
12” in any direction
12. “Quilting Bee” a quilt block arrangement made from flowers
in an 8” pan
13. “An Arrangement in an unusual container” not to exceed
20” in any direction
14. “Suit Me to a Tea” an arrangement in a cup and saucer6.005.004.00
15. “Prom Night” A corsage wrist or pin6.005.004.00
16. “Wild and Wonderful” an arrangement using wild plants
and flowers
17. A Sunflower Arrangement that could be used as an exhibit
hall decoration
18. “Country Harvest” an arrangement of cut flowers in a gourd6.005.004.00
19. "Yellow and Orange" Arrangement of Annuals, in vase, not to exceed 12" tall6.005.004.00
20. "Blue and Mauve" Arrangement of Annuals, in a vase, not to exceed 12" tall6.005.004.00
21. Assorted Colours, Arrangement of Annuals, in a vase, not to exceed 12" tall6.005.004.00
22. CHILDREN’S SECTION – Ages 6-10 "Gourd-geous": any fruit, vegetable, or gourd, carved and decorated10.005.002.00

Class 40B – Potted Plants

1. Begonia, grown for flowers5.004.003.00
2. Ivy, any variety5.004.003.00
3. Geraniums, all varieties5.004.003.00
4. African Violet, AV
5. Dish Garden, not to exceed 12” any direction5.004.003.00
6. Cactus, one variety only5.004.003.00
7. One succulent plant, AV5.004.003.00
8. Open category, any flowering plant in bloom with significant
flowers at fair time
9. Hens and Chicks in an unusual container5.004.003.00
10. Any other flowering plant not in bloom and named5.004.003.00
11. Christmas Cactus, AV5.004.003.00
12. Hanging Basket (not to exceed 14” pot) Containing one or
more plant species, named
13. Hanging flowering plant in unusual container, not to exceed
8” in any direction
14. “Mother’s daughter/son” Fantasy garden with miniature
decorations & small live plants. Not to exceed 15” any direction

Class 40, 40A-B Specials

  1. Best in Show: An outstanding exhibit – $10.00
  2. Most points in Classes 40, 40A and 40B – $20.00
  3. Second most points in Classes 40, 40A and 40B – $20.00