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Updated for 2019

Rules for all Homecraft Division Classes

  1. In all of the Homecraft Division Classes (41 to 44 inclusive), all entries must be home manufactured by the exhibitor.
  2. A list of entries must be sent to the Secretary before Wednesday, August 28, 2019. Entries can be sent to: Fair Secretary, Kinmount Fair, 3174 Cty Road 121, Burnt River, ON K0M 1C0.
  3. With the exception of photography exhibits, all exhibits will be accepted from 6 pm to 8 pm Wednesday, August 28 and 8 am to 12:30 pm on Thursday, August 29, 2019. Judging begins at 2 pm.
  4. Photography exhibits will ONLY be accepted in advance. See the photography page for details.
  5. Exhibits must be left on display until 5:15 pm Sunday, September 1, 2019.

Abbreviations used in the following sections:

  • AV: Any Variety
  • 18″< : 18 inches or less
  • 18″> : more than 18 inches

Class Links

Class 41: Baking
Class 41A: Heritage Cooking
Class 42: Pickles and Preserves
Class 43A: Quilting
Class 43B: Embroidery
Class 43C: Counted Cross-Stitch
Class 43D: Crocheting
Class 43E: Hand Knitting
Class 43F: Sewing
Class 43G: Miscellaneous
Class 43H: Baby Boutique
Class 44A: Crafts
Class 44B: Photography
Class 44C: Art

Culinary Arts: Classes 41 and 42

  1. All pies and cakes made with commercial mixes or fillings will be disqualified.
  2. All icing must be edible.
  3. Exhibits to be shown on a plate of reasonable size, without plastic wrap.
  4. Paper cups are to be left on cupcakes, none on muffins.

Class 41 – Baking

Homecraft Directors in Charge: Pauline Marshall, Esther Graham

1. Dark Fruit Cake, approximately 1 lb., uniced10.008.006.00
2. Light Fruit Cake, approximately 1 lb., uniced10.008.006.00
3. Baking Assortment, 2 rolls, 2 tarts, 2 squares, and
2 iced cupcakes


4. Bread, white, ½ loaf5.004.003.00
5. Bread, 60% whole wheat, one loaf5.004.003.00
6. Bread, machine made, ½ loaf5.004.003.00
7. Bread, AV named, ½ loaf5.004.003.00

Muffins, Biscuits and Quickbreads

8. Tea Biscuits, 4 plain5.004.003.00
9. Chelsea Buns,
10. Cinnamon buns, iced,
11. Banana Muffins,
12. Pineapple-Carrot Muffins,
13. Muffins, AV named,
14. Zucchini Loaf, ½ loaf5.004.003.00
15. Lemon Loaf, glazed, ½ loaf5.004.003.00
16. Create Your Own Loaf, named, ½ loaf5.004.003.00

Cakes and Cupcakes

17. Applesauce Cake, uniced, ¼ only
18. Tomato Soup Cake, uniced, ¼ only5.004.003.00
19. Carrot Cake, iced, ¼ only5.004.003.00
20. Coffee Cake, AV named, ¼ only5.004.003.00
21. Decorated Cake, 1 layer, AV named5.004.003.00
22. Iced Cupcakes, AV,

Pies and Tarts

23. Apple, Crumb top, 2 pcs5.004.003.00
24. Pecan, 2 pcs5.004.003.00
25. Cherry, 2 crust, 2 pcs5.004.003.00
26. Peach, 2 crust, 2 pcs5.004.003.00
27. 1 Baked Pie Shell5.004.003.00
28. Butter Tarts,
29. Jam & Coconut Tarts,

Note: 1st place winner in Section 28 advances to District 4 Fall Meeting

Section 28 sponsored by Highlands Cinemas

Cookies, Squares and Candy

30. Oatmeal cookies, date-filled,
31. Chocolate Chip cookies,
32. Sugar cookies5.004.003.00
33. Shortbread cookies, decorated,
34. Monster cookie, AV,
35. Brownies, uniced,
36. Chocolate Mallow squares,
37. Date squares,
38. Baked squares, AV named,
39. Chocolate fudge, 4 pcs5.004.003.00
40. Maple fudge, 4 pcs5.004.003.00

Class 41 Special – $20.00
Awarded to the 1st place winner in Class 41 Section 28: Butter Tarts

Class 41A – Heritage Cooking

1. Scones, AV named,
2. Cornbread, half loaf5.004.003.00
3. Gingersnaps,
4. Any ancestral recipe, named5.004.003.00
5. Any heritage recipe using Maple Syrup, named with recipe attached5.004.003.00
6. Raisin pie, 2 crust, 2 pieces5.004.003.00
7. Any baked item using pumpkin, 1 serving, named with recipe attached5.004.003.00
8. 2 pieces of pie, AV, named, not previously mentioned in Class 41A5.004.003.00
9. Diabetic dessert, 1 serving, named, recipe attached5.004.003.00
10. Impossible pie, 2 pieces, sweet or savoury, named, recipe attached5.004.003.00

Class 41A Special – $10.00
Create a Heritage Cake that celebrates the many years of entertainment at the Kinmount Fair. Decorating is optional. Recipe attached. This special will be judged on the following basis: 50% on taste and 50% on the recipe’s appropriateness to a Heritage cake.

Class 42 – Pickles and Preserves

Thank you BCH Accounting Services for sponsoring this class.

  1. All unsealed jars will be disqualified without being judged.
  2. Wax sealing is not allowed.
  3. Any size jar appropriate to the item displayed will be accepted with 2-piece sealing lids.
  4. Adequate head space should be allowed (½ inch for jams/jellies; ¼ inch for conserves and 1 inch for vegetables.
  5. All entries exhibiting spoilage will be disqualified.
  6. In sections 39 and 40, syrup bottles are allowed.
  7. Refrigeration is not available.
  8. Freezer entries should be fully defrosted at entry time.

For your information: Exhibits will be judged on the following basis
Flavour – 35%, Appearance – 30%, Uniformity – 10%, Container/Package – 5%
No decorated tops unless specified


1. Freezer Raspberry Jam5.004.003.00
2. Freezer Strawberry Jam5.004.003.00
3. Two-Fruit Freezer Jam5.004.003.00
4. Raspberry Jam5.004.003.00
5. Strawberry Jam5.004.003.00
6. Two-Fruit Jam5.004.003.00
7. Jam made with wild fruit, named5.004.003.00
8. Any other jam not mentioned, named5.004.003.00
9. Peach Conserve5.004.003.00
10. Marmalade, AV, named5.004.003.00


11. Grape Jelly5.004.003.00
12. Jelly made with wild fruit, named5.004.003.00
13. Crab Apple Jelly5.004.003.00
14. Red Pepper Jelly5.004.003.00
15. Any other jelly, named5.004.003.00

Section 12 sponsored by Highlands Cinemas

Canned Fruits and Vegetables

16. Canned Peaches5.004.003.00
17. Strawberry Preserves5.004.003.00
18. Rhubarb Preserves5.004.003.00
19. Mincemeat, made with green tomatoes5.004.003.00

Pickles and Relishes

20. Pickled Beets5.004.003.00
21. Bread and Butter Pickles5.004.003.00
22. Dill Pickles5.004.003.00
23. Pickled Mushrooms5.004.003.00
24. Sweet Pickles5.004.003.00
25. Pickled Beans5.004.003.00
26. Dilled Carrots5.004.003.00
27. Pickled Eggs5.004.003.00
28. Hot Dog Relish5.004.003.00
29. Pickled Cherry Tomatoes5.004.003.00

Sauces and Syrups

30. Chili Sauce5.004.003.00
31. Salsa5.004.003.00
32. Honey Mustard5.004.003.00
33. Flavoured oil dressing, AV, named5.004.003.00
34. Spaghetti sauce, no meat5.004.003.00
35. Cranberry Sauce, AV5.004.003.00
36. Salad Dressing, AV, named5.004.003.00
37. An accompaniment to poultry, named5.004.003.00
38. An accompaniment to red meat, named5.004.003.00
39. Maple Syrup, pan method5.004.003.00
40. Maple Syrup, evaporator method5.004.003.00

WELL PRESERVED HOME CANNER’S SPECIALS – Items will be judged on the basis of artistic merit and quality of the product. Jars will be opened for judging.

  1. A collection of 4 of your best pickles/relishes arranged in a container suitable for gift giving. May be decorated for any theme of your choice. Additional items may be added i.e. candles, soup mixes to compliment the theme. 1st: 8.00 2nd: 6.00 3rd: 4.00
  2. A collection of 4 of your best jams/jellies arranged in a container suitable for gift giving. May be decorated for any theme of your choice with additional items allowed as in sec. 41. 1st: 8.00 2nd: 6.00 3rd: 4.00

Class 42 Special – Gift Basket Award – 1st – $15; 2nd – $10; 3rd – $5
Must include at least 6 filled canning jars, displayed in an appropriate container. Maximum cost, including container not to exceed $50.00. Entry should include items related to the theme. All entries will be judged on creativity, perceived value of the entry and the appropriateness of the home canned products and presentation.

Class 42 Special – $25.00
Most points earned by any one exhibitor in Class 42. Winner will be determined after the fair by the secretary.

Homecrafts: Classes 43A-H

Homecraft Directors in Charge: Ella Jackson, Barb Cain, Cathy Lee, Barb Hopkins

  1. Samples must be attached to all work entered in each class.
  2. Samples include fabric, wool, embroidery floss, crochet thread and craft paint on medium.
  3. AV is defined as “Any Variety.”
  4. Judges are authorized by the Board of Directors to bar all soiled, defaced or old work. Items may be moved within classes, at the discretion of the Board.

Class 43A – Quilting

Hand Quilted Quilts

1. Quilt, pieced, pattern named, 72” x 90” min.15.0012.0010.00
2. Quilt, appliqued, pattern named. 72” x 90” min15.0012.0010.00
3. Quilt, reversible, plain, pattern named. 72” x 90” min 15.0012.0010.00
4. Quilt, AV, under 72” x 90”
5. Quilt, AV, made by more than one person10.008.006.00
6. Miniature Quilt, max 10” x 12”

Machine Quilted Quilts

7. Quilt, pieced 192” min perimeter12.0010.008.00
8. Quilt, machine appliqued, 192” min perimeter 12.0010.008.00
9. Quilt, tied
10. Quilt made by more than one person, AV10.008.006.00
11. Quilt top, pieced or appliqued
12. Three same-sized quilt blocks8.006.004.00
13. Miniature quilt, max 10” x 12”

Hand Quilted Wall Hangings

14. Wall hanging, ready to hang, under 12” x 18”
15. Wall hanging, ready to hang, 12x18 min, 24x36 max8.006.004.00
16. Wall hanging, ready to hang, 24x36 min, 36x48 max
17. Wall hanging, ready to hang, over 36” x 48”

Machine Quilted Wall Hangings

18. Wall hanging, ready to hang, under 12” x 18”
19. Wall hanging, ready to hang, 12x18 min, 24x36 max8.006.004.00
20. Wall hanging, ready to hang, 24x36 min, 36x48 max8.006.006.00
21. Wall hanging, ready to hang, over 36” x 48”

Class 43A Specials – $25.00
Sponsored by Walsten Marine and the Kinmount Artisans Guild

  1. Best overall hand-quilted Quilt at Kinmount Fair: Winner to advance to District 4 Fall Meeting
  2. Best overall machine-quilted Quilt at Kinmount Fair: Winner to advance to District 4 Fall Meeting

Class 43B – Embroidery

1. Table Runner6.005.004.00
2. Luncheon Cloth, 30” – 40” max6.005.004.00
3. Pillowcase6.005.004.00
4. Needlepoint picture, framed, ready to hang6.005.004.00
5. Petit point, any article6.005.004.00

Class 43C – Counted Cross-Stitch

1. One finished article, not a picture6.005.004.00
2. Framed picture up to 10”, ready to hang8.006.004.00
3. Framed picture over 10”, ready to hang10.008.006.00

Class 43D – Crocheting

1. Tablecloth or Bedspread10.008.006.00
2. Doily, 12" and under6.005.004.00
3. Doily, square or rectangle6.005.004.00
4. Centerpiece, 13"-20"
5. Table Runner8.006.005.00
6. Afghan, granny square, 48” x 60” min10.008.006.00
7. Afghan, any other variety, 48” x 60” min10.008.006.00
8. Afghan, lap size, less than 48” x 60”
9. Any other crochet article6.005.004.00

Class 43E – Hand Knitting

1. Afghan, 48” x 60” min10.008.006.00
2. Afghan, lap size, less than 48” x 60”
3. Pullover – Adult8.006.005.00
4. Pullover – Child
5. Pullover – Fancy8.006.005.00
6. Cardigan – Adult8.006.005.00
7. Cardigan – Child6.005.004.00
8. Scarf – Adult5.004.003.00
9. Vest6.005.004.00
10. Hat & Mitt Set – Child6.005.004.00
11. Socks – one pair5.004.003.00
12. Work socks – one pair5.004.003.00
13. Slippers5.004.003.00
14. Mitts5.004.003.00
15. Toque5.004.003.00
16. Any other knitted item not mentioned in sec 1-15 above

Sections 3, 4 and 5 sponsored by The Foot Stop

Class 43F – Sewing

1. Vest adult, fabric6.005.004.00
2. Outfit – child, fabric6.005.004.00
3. Chair pad, fabric6.005.004.00
4. Any sewn item using a serger6.005.004.00
5. Table Runner, fabric8.006.005.00
6. Article made from hand-made chenille6.005.004.00

Class 43G – Miscellaneous

1. Afghan, AV but not crochet or knitted 48” x 60”
2. Wall hanging, ready to hang, not quilted <12” x 18”
3. Wall hanging, ready to hang, not quilted, 12x18 min, 24x36max8.006.004.00
4. Wall hanging, ready to hang, not quilted, 24x36 min, 36x48 max
5. Rug, traditional hooking, AV6.005.004.00
6. Rug, latched hook, yarn, AV6.005.004.00
7. Rug, any other variety, not named above6.005.004.00
8. Bobbin Lace, any article6.005.004.00
9. Tea Cozy5.004.003.00
10. Fingertip Towel5.004.003.00
11. Decorated tea towel5.004.003.00
12. Cushion, hand-quilted, 20” max6.005.004.00
13. Cushion, machine-quilted, 20” max6.005.004.00
14. Cushion, knitted or crochet, 20” max6.005.004.00
15. Cushion, any other variety, 20” max6.005.004.00

Class 43H – Baby Boutique

1. Baby Shawl or Afghan, AV, min 36” x 45”
2. Baby’s Hand knit 2-piece set, 1st size6.005.004.00
3. Baby’s Crochet 2-piece set, 1st size6.005.004.00
4. Crib Quilt, any variety, hand-quilted
5. Crib Quilt, any variety, machine-quilted6.005.004.00
6. Baby’s Diaper Bag, AV6.005.004.00
7. Baby’s Big, AV4.003.002.00
8. Baby’s Knit or Crochet Dress6.005.004.00

Class 43A-H Specials – $25.00

  1. Article selected from Class 43 A-H to go on to the OAAS Convention in February 2020
  2. Most points earned by one exhibitor in Classes 43 A-H
  3. Most points earned by a new exhibitor in Classes 43 A-H

Arts, Crafts and Photography: Classes 44A-C

Convenor: Donna Stover
Homecraft Directors: Nancy Caney, Brenda Mulholland, Nancy Lemire & Sandy Countryman

Rules for Class 44A – Crafts

  1. “Craft Specific” means the entry must be of the specific craft named.
  2. “Any Variety” means that any craft technique may be used.
  3. A “maximum size” designation means in any direction.

Rules for Class 44B – Photography

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITORS: Due to the large volume of photographic exhibits received and the limitations of display space, we will only accept advance entries as follows:
By Mail: must be received by August 24, 2018. Mail to: Julie Austin c/o Kinmount Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 53, Kinmount, ON, K0M 2A0
In Person: On Saturday, August 24, 2018 at J Austin & Sons Ltd, 4957 Cty Rd 45, Kinmount

  1. Only one entry, per section, per exhibitor is allowed.
  2. Photographs must be no larger than 36 square inches.
  3. Photos may be coloured or black & white, at the exhibitor’s choice, must be printed on photographic paper, and mounted on construction paper only, with a maximum border of 1”. Other mountings may cause the photo to be disqualified.
  4. Exhibitors mailing their photographs are responsible to ensure that they are appropriately packaged to prevent damage.
  5. All exhibitors should prepare a listing on an entry form showing the class number (44B) and the section name and number (1 through 12). If your membership for 2018 is not paid, enclose your $12.00 membership fee, your complete mailing address, telephone number and, if possible, an e-mail address, to be used in the event questions arise regarding your entries. Entry tags will be prepared for you, based on the information you provide.
  6. Both monetary and sticker prizes will be awarded. 1st – $5.00; 2nd – $4.00; 3rd – $3.00. A 4th place prize of $1.00 and sticker will be awarded in any section with 7 or more entries. Prize stickers may be exchanged in the secretary’s office for prize ribbons before the conclusion of the fair, if desired.

Rules for Class 44C – Art

  1. The final product, including matting and frame is not to exceed 48” in any direction.
  2. All entries must be on canvas or paper as suitable to the medium. Art completed on other mediums (wood, fabric, etc) are to be exhibited in the appropriate Craft section. All items must be framed, ready for hanging. Canvas wrapped stretcher frames are acceptable, but each picture must have rings or screw eyes with wire on corresponding sides of the art work. Faulty or poorly wired frames are unacceptable.

Prizes: 1st – $5.00, 2nd – $4.00, 3rd – $3.00, 4th – $1.00
Both monetary and ribbon prizes will be awarded. A 4th prize of $1.00 will be awarded only in categories with 7 or more entries.

Class 44A – Crafts

Sections 1-20 inclusive are Craft-Specific. Other sections are not Craft-Specific.

  1. Dressed Porcelain Doll, modern or antique. Costume and all appropriate body parts to be crafted by exhibitor.
  2. Dressed Doll. Costume must be crafted by the exhibitor. Some ready-made accessories may be purchased. i.e. purse, shoes, jewelry
  3. Stained Glass, Window Panel, maximum size 36”
  4. Stained Glass, any other item, maximum size 36”
  5. Folk Art (Tole Painting), any item, maximum size 36”
  6. Crafted Wood, picture or mural, ready to hang, maximum size 36”
  7. Crafted Wood, any other item, maximum size 36”
  8. Men’s or Ladies’ Accessory, made with Duct Tape, maximum size 36”
  9. Any other item, made with Duct Tape, maximum size 36”
  10. Scrapbooking, Album cover
  11. Wreath, Thanksgiving theme, any materials, ready to hang
  12. Wreath, any other theme, grapevine, ready to hang
  13. Hand Carved Wood, wildlife theme, maximum size 36”
  14. Hand Carved Wood, any other item, maximum size 36”
  15. Sewing, tote bag, suitable for shopping or knitting
  16. Sewing, fabric clothing item
  17. Sewing, fabric accessory
  18. Ceramic, any item
  19. Hand Crafted Candle, beeswax
  20. Wool Felt from old wool sweaters, any item except rug
  21. Two different sewn articles suitable for craft sale
  22. Handmade Kitchen Article, named
  23. Useful item from named recycled material
  24. Bookmark, any variety
  25. Jewelry, any item or set of items
  26. Jewelry box, Memory box or Cosmetic tray
  27. Teddy Bear, handmade from fabric and/or fur, dressed or not dressed
  28. Sock Monkey
  29. Any other Sock Animal
  30. Decorated T-Shirt or Sweatshirt
  31. Garden Sculpture, ornament, maximum size 48”
  32. Sign (suitable for inside or outside), maximum size 36”, free-standing or ready-to-hang
  33. Picture frame, with picture, item will be judged on frame only
  34. Door Decoration (not a wreath), ready to hang
  35. Computer generated or handcrafted greeting card (original design)
  36. Wind chimes, ready to hang
  37. Decorated bottle, with or without contents, item will be judged on bottle decorations only
    Sponsored by the Kinmount Seniors Club
  38. Any other craft, not mentioned above. Any item, Craft technique must be named.
  39. Christmas place mats (4), napkins (4) or table runner
  40. Christmas wreath, any materials, ready to hang
  41. Christmas stocking, maximum size 24”, ready to hang
  42. Christmas Dining Table Centrepiece
  43. Christmas Place Cards (4)
  44. Santa Claus or Father Christmas
  45. Handcrafted Christmas Tree Ornament

Class 44B – Photography

Class 44C – Art

  1. Oil, landscape or seascape
  2. Watercolour, floral, still life or landscape
  3. Graphite Pencil, portrait, human or animal
  4. Coloured pencil, abstract or any subject
  5. Pen/Ink, Architecture, Cityscape or Any Subject
  6. Pastels, Shoreline or Farm Scene
  7. Mixed Media, any subject
  8. Graphite Rubbing, any subject
  9. Acrylic, abstract or any subject

Class 44A-C Specials – $25.00

  1. One Article selected from these classes to go on to the OAAS Convention in February 2018.
  2. Most points earned by one exhibitor in Class 44