Annual Kinmount Agricultural Society's Kinmount Fair
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Secretary: Tracey Dettman - email

2016 - 2017 Ambassador

My Experience as the Kinmount Fair Ambassador

This year I was lucky enough to represent the Kinmount Fair as the Kinmount Fair Ambassador. It has been an amazing experience that has helped me grow in many ways.

In February I attended the Fair Convention at the Royal York in Toronto. I was able to meet many individuals who, like myself, showed passion for their communities, fairs, and agricultural societies. Together we discussed how we can positively impact out communities and the future of those communities. It was altogether a positive experience that provided each ambassador with leadership skills that we will be able to take with us forever.

This summer I look forward to representing The Kinmount Fair at the Ambassador Competition at the Canadian National Exhibition. Ambassadors from across Ontario will come together over the weekend. We will attend workshops and the next Ambassador of the Fairs will be crowned at the end of the weekend. The Ambassador of the Fairs will remain at the Exhibition and represent the Ambassador program and the Exhibition.

I grew up going to the fair and have seen how the fair is able to bring people together from all over. To me, the fair meant family, celebrating the end of the summer, and happiness. As I grew up I realised how much more the fair represented. It represents the heart of the community and its agricultural society. It is driven by hardworking and passionate volunteers who dedicate numerous hours in order to create The Kinmount Fair. To be able to represent a town as amazing as Kinmount has truly been an honour.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 Kinmount Fair and crowning the new Kinmount Fair Ambassador!

2016-2017 Fair Ambassador

Michelle Weiler

- Adults: $12
- All Children 12 and under: FREE

- Cars: $6
- Weekend Pass: $32
- Friday Dance: $10
- Saturday Dance: $15

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